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The spring lambs are in the field opposite the Greyhound Barns. The ponds in the foreground are "pingos" which fill in winter and usually stay in water until mid-summer. The roof of the Greyhound itself can be seen to the right of the picture, the only building with chimneys!

In front of the old farm house is "The Barn", used by the estate as a workshop long after the kennels had been moved from the estate. The barn was converted into a house in 1999 at the same time as cart shed, hidden in this picture by a hawthorn tree. Between these two old buildings is a newly built garage shared by them.

Behind the cart shed, known as "The Byre", are two further dwelling, constructed in 1998-99, "The Dairy House" and a bungalow, known as "The Stables". The roof of the garage of this last building is on the extreme left.

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