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Like the vicarage, this view of St Andrew's Chapel was taken from the top of the Church tower on Christmas Day, 2004.

The chapel is a bit of a mystery for many casual visitors to the village! On most maps it appears to be sited to the east of Church Lane, although in reality it is on the west side, in the back garden of Abbey Farm. It doesn't help that it is almost completely hidden by a continuation of the high brick wall that hides the Vicarage. Many passers by will assume that all that remains of the chapel is a set of foundations now hidden under the fields used by the livery stables at Abbey Farm.

Equally mysterious are the origins of the chapel. It is known to have existed before 1322, probably long before but, as the Revd Daubeney says, "being within about a stone's throw of the Parish Church, it could hardly have been a Chapel of Ease".

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