East Walton - Its History

East Walton is an old settlement. The most recent translation of the Domesday Book of 1087 records the village as "Waltuna". The spelling may have changed, however, most scholars seem to agree that the origins of "Walton" is derived from an older form meaning "Walled Farmstead".

The Domesday Book lists three Normans, who replaced the earlier saxon owners, that between them had 12 freemen, 12 smallholders, 6 villagers and 2 slaves on the land of East Walton. Today the population is approximately 85.

Times change and all the land, except for that owned by the church, came under the control of those who owned Westacre, though in the 1960s even the old vicarage was bought by the estate. In the 1990s the estate finally began to relinquish its lands and increasing numbers of houses are now owned by those who live in them.

Apart from the Domesday Book, there are few who have written about the history of East Walton. The best appears to be that written by the Vicar, in 1922.

Page updated: 23 December 2004