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With a population of around 85 there are just 32 dwellings in the village and only a handful of other buildings, most of which are clustered around Abbey Farm. Of these, the most important is the Church.

This section of the site contains two sections. The first provides a tour of the village Buildings. The second concentrates on the Church and includes internal and external views and well as pictures of the church silver.

If you can provide further pictures of the village buildings or church, especially older ones, please use the Feedback Form to make initial contact.

Screen Saver

An East Walton Screen Saver can be downloaded. Optimised for a screen size of 1024x768px it contains 15 photographs of scenes from in and around the village. The photographs display in a random order changing every fifteen seconds. Most of the scenes appear in the photograph albums, but some are unique to the screen saver. The file is supplied in zip format and is just under 2.5Mb in size, so will take a few minutes to download on a dialup connection.

Page updated: 20 February 2006