East Walton - Its Families

A rural settlement to this day, East Walton has a long history. It won't be surprising, therefore, that some of the families that live in the village go back a long way too.

This section of the site was created when it emerged that many of the site's visitors had traced their ancestors back to someone who lived in East Walton. Much of the material here has been submitted by those investigating their family history, with some further material from current residents.

NOTE: It is difficult to know how to present the family history information that has been submitted, particularly any that is submitted as scans of old documents. These consume disproportionate quantities of disk space and can take a long time to download. so have not been uploaded to the site at this time.

Suggestions are welcomed on how to present such data or otherwise make it available for download.

Please share any information that you have uncovered about those who have lived in the village generations ago. Use the Feedback Form in the first instance.

Page updated: 22 May 2007