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31 May 2007
In the Countryside Section, in the Wildlife Album a new page showing a Speckled Wood butterfly has been added.
22 May 2007
Throughout the site you should now see that your Favorites, the Links bar, Browser tabs, and similar locations, show a blue and cream "EW" icon.

In the Countryside Section, the missing pages (See entry: 11 August 2006) in the Wildlife Album are now uploaded. Further material has also been added to the album.

In the Families Section, the missing pages (See entry: 11 August 2006) have been uploaded (though most contain little detail, pending advice on the best way to deliver the material currently held) and minor edits have been made to the existing pages.

22 August 2006
In the Traffic Section, an Hit and Run incident on Tuesday 22 August 2006 is recorded.
11 August 2006
A number of missing thumbnail images in the Wildlife album of the Countryside section have been added. Unfortunately the main pages are still to be uploaded. The Pipeline album in the Events section is now fully working. It is known that a number of pages in the Families section are still to be uploaded. Broken links in the History section to the Daubeney page have been fixed.
31 May 2006
In the Traffic Section, an incident on Wednesday 31 May 2006 is recorded.
22 May 2006
In the Traffic Section, a page describing the Church Lane Junction risks is re-incorporated into the sitea following another incident on Friday 19 May 2006.
17 May 2006
In the Traffic Section, another incident is added that occurred shortly after midday on Monday 15 May.
13 May 2006
In the Traffic Section, two more incidents are recorded that occurred on the morning of Monday 8 May and late afternoon on Friday 12 May.
8 May 2006
In the Events Section pages covering the Safari Supper held on 21 August 2004 have been uploaded, although captions to the pictures are still missing.
1 May 2006
The site has changed its URL and undergone a significant restructuring. A new two-tier menu system has been introduced to help reduce the number of steps needed to navigate the additional sections on the site. This change has been necessary to accommodate the considerable amount of additional material now available, or to be added in the near future.

The photograph on the Home Page has been changed. It is hoped to replace this with a seasonally appropriate scene on a regular basis in the future.

From the Index pages of the new Village and Countryside sections an East Walton Screen Saver can now be downloaded.

Material from the Golden Wedding "album" has been moved to a new Events section. Further sub-sections cover the Annual Bonfire, the Queens Golden Jubilee, a Tour of the Pipeline and a Safari Supper in aid of the church. However, the contents of some of these planned sections are not yet uploaded.

The Traffic Dangers section has also been restructured. There are now sub-sections covering the Church Lane junction and Village Green, two main danger points, and rebuilding of the Footpath following the removal of the telephone kiosk. Accidents are now recorded on a dedicated Incidents sub-section. The thumbnails in this section are now of similar size to the others on the site.

There are no longer links to these earlier changes as the restructuring of the site has "broken" many of them. However, the new material remains available in the appropriate new locations on the site.

17 August 2005
In the Traffic Dangers album, further information and an additional photograph is published concerning the incident on 13 August.
15 August 2005
In the Traffic Dangers album, three further incidents are reported, on the 5 March, 13 August and 14 August.
15 February 2005
In the Traffic Dangers album, pictures added relating to a further incident at Church Lane junction in which a villager's dog is hit.
11 February 2005
In the Photograph Albums Section, the original Village Album has been replaced with two more specialised albums: Village Buildings and Around the Village. There is a lot of new material in both these. There are also photographs of a further incident that occurred on 22 January 2005 in the Traffic Dangers album.

The History Section has some additional detail added to the Daubeney page.

There is a new Memories Section. A button leading to an index page for the section appears on the menu bar. There are two initial pages in the section: Forge Cottages and William Welham. These are also linked from pages in the photograph albums.

Technical changes have been made to the whole site. The main impact will be seen when pages are printed. No longer are special "tricks" needed to prevent the menu from appearing, and the risk of losing text when using larger fonts is gone!

Throughout the site "Westacre" is now spelled as a single word. A note appears about this on the Home page.

23 December 2004
A new page added to the History Section, re-publishing the Revd. A.R. Vaughan Daubeney's notes written in 1922.
20 December 2004
Site re-launched with added material in the Photograph Albums section and new History and Feedback sections.

Page updated: 31 May 2007